S-PHP :- Bash script to switch php versions on linux.
S-PHP :- Bash script to switch php versions on linux.


Using Linux system with multiple PHP versions installed by apt? Now you may looking for a easy way to switch in between multiple php versions without executing multiple commands manually, Well we can use S-PHP for that.

How to install on Linux :-

  • Clone S-PHP repository to your local machine using command.
    git clone https://github.com/vinugawade/s-php.git
  • Move shell script file to `/usr/local/bin` location or use command.
    sudo mv `/location/of/file` /usr/local/bin
  • Allow everyone to execute the script using command.
    sudo chmod +x `/location/of/file`
  • OR
    sudo chmod 0755 `/location/of/file`
  • Add `usr/local/bin` to your `$PATH`. if you use the `Bash` shell, Then you can do this by using command.
    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin
  • OR
    export PATH=$PATH:`/location/of/file`

This will set the variable name:- potentially in a file called `~/.bash_profile`, `~/.bashrc` and `~/.profile`. The difference between these files is (primarily) when they get read by the shell. If you're not sure where to put it, Then `~/.bashrc`  is the good choice.

Note:- You may need to restart your shell for this to take effect.


How to use the script :-

s-php 7.4


s-php 8.0
s-php script usage


This will change your PHP execution file of the system as well as the apache server's PHP config to use a different version.


Mac User?

You can check this sphp repository as an alternative script for Mac OS.