CiviCRM Events Calender, with jquery Plugin

Here is a simple way to display all your CiviCRM Events in a calender without using the Drupal Views module or in Joomla. This uses the jquery plugin fullcalendar.

You will need to apply the below patch for your civicrm files and add a few new files - that's it!

Below are the steps :

  1. Download and apply the below patch. (fullcalendar.patch).
  2. Download the attached file calendar.php_.txt (rename it to calendar.php ) and calendar.tpl and upload to civicrm/templates/CRM/Event/Page/Calendar.tpl,                                                                         civicrm/CRM/Event/Page/Calendar.php respectively.
  3. Download and extract the fullcalendar to  jquery plugin to civicrm/packages/jquery/plugins/ thats it!! you are done.
  4. Rebuild the CiviCRM menus by going to (for drupal).
  5. To view the calendar got to

You can apply css and change the look of calendar as per your needs