CiviCRM is an Opensource CRM project which helps you to manage your contacts, their contributions, relationships, event registrations, memberships and other similar interactions with your stakeholders. OSSeed has three team members that have been part of the core development of CiviCRM in the past, brings lots of experience together to provide you with the best CRM solutions.

  • Installation & Configuration

    Have you finished your research on CRMs, and selected CiviCRM as the one that suits your requirements? Our CiviCRM expertise will help you to get started along with installation & configuration. Along with that we provide one hour special training to get started with using CiviCRM and understanding its basic features and how you can get the best out of it.

  • Custom Development

    CiviCRM is built with consideration for the basic needs of anyone who wants to setup their CRM, and with its huge API and available hooks, it is flexible and can be customized to your requirements. OSSeed provides best-practice custom development, including extension development, and custom modules and plugins for your CMS.

  • 3rd Party Integrations

    Are you planing to use CiviCRM, but also want to use some 3rd party integration that isn't avaliable yet? Say hello to OSSeed Team. OSSeed Team is able to integrate a wide range of software with CiviCRM for you, and can also help you to contribute the development back to the community.

  • Upgrades and Maintenance

    If you have an older version of CiviCRM and want to upgrade so you can use the new functionality of the latest version, OSSeed Team can handle the upgrade for you. We are here to maintain your CiviCRM by upgrading and keeping an eye on security patches, releases, and and generally keeping your CiviCRM and data secure.

  • CRM Migration

    When you move to a new CRM it's very important to migrate your existing data. Our migration services include migration of contacts, relationships, donations, memberships - any data we can! So when you move on to new system, all the data is where you expect it to be.

  • Priority Support

    CG Support (aka CiviGardens Support) is a service from OSSeed, to help your CiviCRM projects with priority support. Our team of Open source evangelists and former CiviCRM Core Developers provide you with priority support and assistance for your CiviCRM projects. Ask for support here